Slim Step Ladders

Slim Step Ladders

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Slim Step Overview


  • Incredibly slim when folded!
  • Wide legs reinforce stability and safety.
  • Rubber cushion lowers the noise of open/close actions.
  • Large step (10 1/4" x 13"). Secure platform to stand on, and an occasional seat.

These ladders are built to fit into small gaps between furniture, so that they can be stored easily. Even with the thin size, the Slim Step is still as stable as ever, with secure wide legs to ensure stability, and large platform steps to stand or sit on.

Quality Guarantee

Hasegawa has the reputation for making the best quality and safest tripod ladders in use today–our production conforms to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). Hasegawa Trading has been selling ladders since 1956 and started producing in 1968. Retailers in the U.S. can purchase the tripod ladder through, write at

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