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Tripod FAQ

What is the difference between a tripod ladder and a platform tripod ladder?

Like the name, the platform tripod ladder has a platform at the top for users to stand on. The platform increases user’s stability during use compared to normal steps.

What is the safe standing height of tripod ladders?

The top recommended standing height is:
6 Feet – Top 3rd step
8-16 Feet – Top 4th step

Can I stand on the top step?

No, please

What is the purpose of the chain?

The chain must be attached during use at all times. When the chain is attached and fully stretched, the ladder will stand at a 75 degree angle, which is the steadiest working angle.

Can I replace the chain?

Please do not change/ replace the chain with one of your own. If the chain is broken, please contact us at

Why can’t I purchase online?

Tripods are not available to be purchased online due to their size. In order to reduce transportation damage, and to make the shipping cost cheaper for you, please go to the ‘find a dealer’ tab under, and use our geo-location map to locate your closest dealer.

Where can I purchase the tripod ladders?

Please go to the ‘find a dealer’ tab under, and use our geo-location map to locate your closest dealer.

Do you sell any accessories?

Yes, we sell rubber feet, which are put on the feet of the tripod when you are working on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt etc.

Can I hang my tools on the ladder?

Please do not hang tools or other objects (such as baskets) on the tripod. It may shift the centre of balance and compromise safety.

There is a dent on the leg/ the leg is slightly bent. How can I fix it?

Please do not try to bend aluminum the opposite way of the direction it bends. When aluminum is bent, the point of the bent becomes very fragile, and will easily snap if opposite force is applied.

What do I need to check when I buy a new tripod ladder?

When purchasing from a store, please check the ladder fully to make sure it has no dents, damaged parts or bent parts.

I want to use on concrete/ asphalt, is this ladder capable of operating on hard surfaces?

Yes, tripod ladders are safe to use on hard surfaces such as concrete/ asphalt when the feet that are located on such hard surfaces are attached with our rubber feet.

Can I extend the back leg more by adding extra holes?

No, please do not try to customise the tripod ladder.

Can I use the tripod ladder on every angled surface?

The surface is safe to place the tripod ladder when: the chain is fully extended, the legs are at 75 degrees after adjusting the back leg, and rubber feet is used when the tripod is placed on hard surfaces.

Is this ladder electro conductive?

Yes, contact with open wires may lead to serious injury or death. Please check the environment carefully before use. Please also refrain from using tripod ladders in storms or when lightning is visible.

Why are the steps not one solid plane?

The steps are designed with consideration to safety, and this design allows the ladder to be lighter. There are also ridges on the surface of each step to provide a better grip and firmer stand.

Can I use this ladder during winter or when it’s cold?

Yes, the tripod ladder is safe to use when it is cold. However, the ladder must be stored properly, where it will not be in contact with rain or other liquid. If water gets into the ladder, it may cause the ladder to erupt from the inside when it freezes, just like water pipes.

Why are there no 16 feet platform (GSU) ladders?

We did not want to make the 16 feet ladders heavier, since it is a big ladder and platforms will be slightly heavier than non-platform types.

I live in a hot area, what do I need to be careful of?

Aluminum is heat conductive, therefore if the temperature goes above 100 Fahrenheit, be careful to not hurt your hands.

I lost a plastic cap, what should I do?

For all enquiries regarding lost/ shortage of parts, please contact


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